Royal Ascot – Horse Racing Royalty

by OneFastHorse 7 years ago

Ascot Racecourse is possibly the most famous horse racing track in the world, and home to the year’s most celebrated event, the Royal Ascot 2013. All you need to know here.

The Ascot Racecourse is as famous as it is old. First established in the 1700s by Queen Anne of England, it has been the hub of all things horse-racing for centuries long, holding jumps racing in the winter and standard Thoroughbred horse racing in the summer. Major racing events include the Queen Anne stakes, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, and the Queen Mary Stakes.

In addition to being a racing mecca it is also a fashion haven, with thousands flocking to the racetrack lawns to show off their frocks, hats, top and tails, all whilst enjoying a bubbly champagne and the thrill of a bet. Horse race betting is in this sense a very trendy event, and it is very common for friends to get together on race days and place a bet simply in spirit, if not for the winnings.

The most common event is without a doubt the Royal Ascot; a yearly racing event spanning over several days in June, all culminating into one grand finale knows as the Gold Cup. Royal Ascot 2013 will take place from June 18 through to June 22, and will see the cream of the crop in horse racing battle it out on the track as the grandstands and people from all corners of the globe cheer them on.

If you are new to horse race betting then the Royal Ascot is the perfect place to start. There are two main bets to choose from; the obvious favourite (who will win) and Each Way, meaning the horse will place. You can bet on the Ascot races with William Hill or any other respectable bookmaker online or by heading over to any betting shop and simply picking the horse you like. Bets can be as low as $2, so anyone can take part, and yes – you will see people from all sorts of backgrounds getting involved.

Odds and forms are already showing up, so why not start now and check out the horses?



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