Preakness Stakes recap

by TCI 5 years ago

Jon & Joel recap the Preakness and the breakout performance by Oxbow, a colt that remained in the TCI Top 4 after the final Derby preps despite his poor Arkansas Derby showing. They also discuss TCI’s Pre-Derby No. 1 – Orb – and his disappointing performance at Pimlico. Lastly, they take an early look at the final jewel – the Belmont Stakes. Watch it. Comment.


  • joe polander

    Hi Joel – Can’t wait for those Tomlinson Pedigree figures. Right now my #1 is Oxbow. Glad to see Orb will probably run. Golden Soul and Palace Malice look like they may have a big shot. Revolutionary looks like he could be the favorite. Can’t wait to see your opinion on Unlimited Budget vs. the boys. Gary Stevens said that Oxbow liked the deep Pimlico track, and that Oxbow should also appreciate the Belmont deep track. Watching the replay of the Preakness, Oxbow kept running after the wire, looked like he will appreciate longer distances. Oxbow is built like a tank, and the grind of the 3 yr. old campaign and the triple crown trail doesn’t seem to be affecting him that much, Gary Stevens believes that he has a big shot in the Belmont. I agree with you that in the Belmont that pedigree does play such a big role. I will be glad to hear your results of your research so that I can whittle out the pretenders from the contenders. keep up the good work Joel! Always enjoy your show with Jon.

  • joe polander

    Hi Joel – Only 2 wks. away now from a Belmont field that could top out at 14. I read today that Golden Soul is just getting his appetite back, the trainer said that the Derby took alot out of him, I like this horse, but being only 2 wks. away from the Belmont, maybe the Derby dealt a knockout blow to this horse and he won’t be sharp on Belmont Day, I still have him on my list but have moved him down after reading this. The 3 wks. will do Orb some good, he needs some rest and some good food to get some of that energy back so he can have his signature acceleration that he needs to be a contender. I have added Overanalyze to my list. He will certainly be big odds. This is a very good colt who could be a serious contender. I have seen Belmonts in the recent past that have seen somewhat average horses win, so Overanalyze does seem to have a shot, because he has talent, and if his pedigree will allow, he could surprise at big odds. Joel, I think the Belmont will be a good betting race with so many quality horses in the race, you won’t get a 3-5 favorite in this one that’s for sure. Seems to me that at least half of this field has a legit shot to win the race. I really like Oxbow, but the more I think about it Revolutionary does loom a big threat. Revolutionary always seems to fire and will certainly be charging at the end. Hopefully Oxbow will have something left in the tank for the Marathon Belmont to hold off the closers. With Orb getting knocked off of his pedistal, Golden Soul possibly not being 100 %, Revolutionary may Oxbow’s, or whatever horse has the lead at the top of the stretch, biggest threat. Can’t wait for you analysis Joel so I can thin out my field. Rags to Riches was a very good horse whe she won the Belomont, I want to see what you think of Unlimited Budgets chances. She ran 3rd in the Oaks, but now must face quality males at 1 1/2.

    • Joel Cunningham

      Hey Joe! Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend, I was traveling but got back in time to play the great Memorial Day card at Belmont. I absolutely love Big Sandy…it’s probably my favorite track to bet along with Saratoga, but I do believe it plays more fairly than Saratoga can be. So I’ve really started to watch the beginning of the Belmont meet to try and get ready for my trip there next week…can’t wait!

      I do agree with you 100% that this Belmont field will be full and wide open with several contenders that can win it – thus it will likely provide a great betting race and an intriguing race for fans!

      I do have a strong opinion about the filly and I’m sure we’ll be getting into that topic, as well as the other contenders, soon in the show. We shoot tomorrow with a special guest who we are always happy to have on set with us. Should be fun!

  • JR

    Hi Joel,

    I too read about Golden Soul on Bloodhorse, like Joe stated in his post. Have same concerns. Since Golden Soul, upset my tri’s and super’s, I was not going to over look him this time. You have always stated any interruption in training is never good. If he had run in the Preakness, perhaps that would be a little different. However, we’re talking the derby, and he is still trying to come back. I just don’t have a good feeling about this one to hit the board.

    I was looking at Code West with Rosie as being a contender. Trying to think if she has raced at Belmont before. The Belmont to me is one race were previous experience is very important. It seems over the years jockey’s who don’t have experience have made a miss calculation on the big sandy, on when they tell their horses to go, and end up with an empty tank before the finish line. Your thoughts on jockey experience with the Belmont. Remember what JV did with Union Rags last year with that gusty move right at the end.

    Kind Regards,

    • Joel Cunningham

      You make a terrific point about how important it is to know Big Sandy. I think that’s more important than knowing the distance of the race. That’s the single reason WinStar and Elliott Walden chose Javier Castellano for Revolutionary over keeping Calvin, who for the same reason is a master at Churchill obviously. I think guys like Ramon Dominquez, Johnny V, Javier, etc. have such a good knowledge of that track, and the reps through the years that add up the experience factor. Many younger riders, or riders unfamiliar with it, have gotten lost out there because it is so big, and that can be an issue.

      Having said that, Rosie has experience at the track and I wouldn’t necessarily view her as a liability. I too am very interested in Code West in the Belmont, although he’s far from a “fresh shooter” since oddly enough he’s run on Derby Day and Preakness Day already – albeit not in “the big race” each time…but he’s traveled and run on short rest. The shorter distances and easier competition does help some though, one would think. It’s basically close to the Paynter schedule of last year where Baffert did a similar thing, although Code West seems to have the pedigree to handle the distance better than Paynter…even though he’s obviously not of the quality that Paynter was this time last year. So CW is intriguing due to his potential to love the trip, and I don’t see Rosie’s inexperience in this race as a big hindrance, especially on a colt who will want to grind along in a stalking or mid-pack type of role the entire way. Those kinds are easier to judge, however they’re hard to ride from an effort standpoint…Rosie will probably be exhausted for having to grind along for 1 1/2 miles since Code West doesn’t have much of a “move”. He does have a great pedigree and style for this race IMO.

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